I can teach you how to use your stuff


 Technical   Help and   So   Much   More

I am excellent at helping people of all levels learn more about using their stuff. I speak in simple English that even the slowest learners are able to understand. I avoid using technical terms and when I do I explains it in terms that you can understand.

If you need help learning to use any of your technology just call on me. Whether you need help with your computer, your TV system, your smartphone/tablet, or anything else that you feel frustrated and unable to use to your full potential. If it has buttons, dials, or switches and you want to use it I can help with that.

  • You may have had others try and teach you and fail.
  • You may have taken classes and ended up more frustrated than before you started.
  • You may feel that are unable to learn how to use your stuff.

I can help where all of these other options failed. I have helped many different people overcome their inability and start feeling more comfortable using their technology.